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Monday, January 19, 2004

More B3ta 'Lies our parents told us'

1. My mate Paul "Jonah" Jones (mate = some kid of limited intelligence who kept kicking me in the nadgers) was told by his dad one morning that due some unspecified trouble with the law, his family would be changing their name to "Backskin". It would be down to him, number one son, to tell everybody at school his new name.

So he did.

Paul Backskin.

How we laughed.

2. Another one told to me by a regular on another messageboard... can't even remember his name, which is a bit of a bugger.

He used to live in the Wirral. One Saturday, his dad told him they were going on a cruise liner to visit New York. So they jump on the boat, go for an unexpectedly short cruise and spend the day shopping in the Big Apple, before going home again that night.

Excited, he told all his friends at school Monday morning, and wrote it up in his "What I did this weekend" report. It was only then that his teacher told him that he had in fact visited Liverpool on the Mersey Ferry.

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