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Friday, February 13, 2004

Worst joke of the day

Okay, so the Japanese contingent turns up in Iraq, and the commander meets with the other coalition commanders. The American officer goes, "right, we better divide up our responsibilities. We Americans have the largest force over here, so we'll be in charge of the patrols and stuff. You Brits have lots of experience with bombs in Northern Ireland, so you can be in charge of bomb disposal, and you Japanese are a pretty efficient lot so you can be in charge of the supplies"

They all nod away in agreement then go back to their respective camps, after which not hide nor hair is seen of the Japanese forces. The other coalition forces are a bit puzzled but go about their business as usual, patrolling and disposing of bombs.
Anyway, one day there is this major ambush on the US forces, with RPGs and bullets flying around like crazy. The Americans are trapped in a building with all their radio equipment smashed up and the situation is looking grim.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, 100 Japanese armed with samurai swords and naked but for a loincloth appear out of nowhere and ruthlessly cut down all the Iraqi attackers.
Then the Japanese officer turns to the dumbfounded Americans and goes:


I'll get me coat.

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