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Monday, March 15, 2004

Bad Joke Warning

A guy with an orange for a head goes in to see a doctor.

The doctor says, "How did you get an orange for a head?"

The guy says, "Well, one day I was walking down the beach when I tripped over an old lantern. A genie came out and said, 'I'll grant you three wishes, whatever you desire...what is your first wish?' I said, 'I'd like all the money I could ever spend.' The genie went 'Poof!', and there it was, all the money I could ever spend.

"Then he said, 'What is your second wish?' I said, 'I'd like a beautiful woman to love me, someone I could enjoy this money with.' The genie went 'Poof!', and there she was, a gorgeous girl who immediately loved me.

"Then the genie said, 'And what is your third wish?'...I said, 'I'd like an orange for a head.'"

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