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Sunday, April 18, 2004

Knickers Knackers Knockers!

But what, I hear you ask, is this Dirty Bomb all about then? Let me tell you.

Originally designed by British scientist Dr Benny Hill, the Dirty Bomb comprises a small amount of explosives surrounded by an enormous quanity of used women’s lingerie, smutty seaside postcards and vintage photographs of young ladies in bikinis.

On detonation, entire city blocks are rendered uninhabitable with near-the-knuckle smut, vicars saying “Oh Crikey!”, middle-aged men with their trousers round their ankles and the frenzied cry of “Knickers Knackers Knockers!” The very fabric of modern society rent asunder, all we hold dear torn to shreds and flushed down the lavatory. Four Horsemen. Nostradamus. Mystic Meg.

On a wave of public disgust, Hill was deported to America as a dangerously unstable madman, where he later became president.

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