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Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Mythical Beings and other Stories

A conversation

I went upstairs to the room in my head and spoke to God.

I asked him: "Is ambition sinful? Is it wrong to believe in a living God, yet still desire riches, fame and beautiful, wanton companionship?"

And He replied: "You people are always trying to trip me up with questions like this. You must believe in Me, or this conversation wouldn't be taking place. It is wrong, however, to wish for things that are not yours. For is that not written in My tenth commandment?"

Good point there, Supreme Being, but after much internal debate, I was forced to stand and reply: "Hang on a minute there, matey. There was a time where the world did not exist. You wished it made, along with all that is good and bad, riches and vice. How can you lecture us on sin when it is part of a world of your creation?"

And yea, I was verily smug.

God went away to make a cup of tea and think things over for a bit. He came back and paced up and down, scratching at His shaving rash. I suggested that he might like to try "King of King of Shaves" the most righteous of bathroom accessories, but he laughed not. Instead he smote me verily, because, let's face it, nobody likes a smart-arse.

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