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Friday, January 07, 2005

Blarney woe

My "Blarney" Scary Story savagely edited for b3ta readers:

On a trip to Ireland we ran into a coachload of American tourists at Blarney Castle.

"I hope you're not going to try kissing the Blarney Stone," we ventured.

It was, it turned out, going to be the highlight of their tour back to the "Old Country".

"They never wash it you know. Cold sores. Herpes. AIDS. The works."

"Oh my GODDDDDDD!" shouted one of the Wilburs.

"I'll sue!" screamed a wrinkled old woman in a sun visor.

We were nearly trampled in the rush to get back on the charabang, and they fled.

After kissing the stone ourselves, we subsequently learned that they DO wash the stone on a regular basis.

This is because local youths think it funny to break into the castle at night and piss on the thing. Lovely.

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