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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Bare arse woe

Another b3ta Question of the Week - "What is your claim to fame?"

On the way back from a football match in the West Midlands one Sunday evening several years ago, we all took turns to moon out of the car window as we crawled down the M1 towards London.

The victim of our moonage was none other than TV's Keith Chegwin who spent the best part of two hours stuck in a traffic jam staring at men's hairy bum cracks.

Within weeks he had split up with the luscious, pouting Maggie Philbin, hit the bottle and watched helplessly as his career hit the skids in the most disastrous manner possible.

I did that. I killed Cheggers Plays Pop and forced him to get his tackle out on Channel Five, thus changing the course of British history as we know it. I'm that famous.

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