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Monday, May 31, 2004

A problem shared is a problem openly ridiculed

Dear Dr Scary

Last Night I dreamed I was in a medievel joust armed only with a Twix bar and Sarah Beeny's lead-lined brassiere and false teeth. What does this mean? Should I confess my weasel-greasing fetish to my business associates?


Confused of South Kensington.

Dear Kirstie,

My adivce in cases such as this is normally "You really should get out more". In your instance, however, I shall make an exception. You are a clear danger to shipping, and the world will be a far safer placewith the likes of you behind bars. I'd turn yourself in now if I were you and pray that you get a lenient judge. I'm sure they can find a new presenter for "Location Location Location" while you're beating of butch lesbian guards in Holloway, you filthy slattern.

Dr S Duck, BSc.

posted by Alistair Coleman at 10:37 AM

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