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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Charity woe

From the b3ta Question of the Week – what useless items have you bought whilst drunk?

Have you ever noticed how the totals on the likes of Children in Need and Comic Relief suddenly go stratospheric after 11pm? That's because of drunk people. Drunk people like you and me, who arrive home from the pub on Friday night, switch on the TV and say "Jeeezzz... it's Children in Need, an' I've gone and spent all me dough gettin' blathered" and have a fit of guilt.

Allowing 28 days for delivery, I found myself the proud owner of two Pudsey bears bought from the BBC shop website (no mean feat - I didn't even have the internet then) and the credit card bill showed a further hundred quid donation. I'm still waiting for my jet pack and money butler which such a contribution clearly deserves.

Damn you beer!

posted by Alistair Coleman at 8:30 AM

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