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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Panic Buying

Yet another cut-and-paste job from B3ta's question of the Week. Which panic-bought Christmas presents have you been party too? My shame runs deep.

Excuse: broke

I bought my mum a hairnet from Boots one Christmas Eve, just like Ena Sharples - the Victoria Beckham of her time - used to wear. It was the cheapest thing they had that didn't come in a pack of three. The receipt of this present caused a certain amount of controversy and distress in the Scaryduck household, and I was never allowed to forget my Christmas Of Shame. Ever. Like Charles Foster Kane, she went to her grave with the words "Hairnet!" on her lips.

She was the lucky one - my brother and sister got what I could grab from round the house. A handful of walnuts and a half-used bog-roll.

posted by Alistair Coleman at 3:57 PM

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