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Thursday, February 02, 2006

The Cult of Giveusyourmoney

Another b3ta Question of the Week

A good friend of mine became a dreadful hippy one summer after spending good money sitting round in a barn on some course run by a bunch of chancing bread-heads "getting my head together, man."

Being a bunch of chancing bread-heads ourselves, we decided to do the same thing, and put some adverts in all the Glastonbury- and Avebury-based 'zines we could find.

Result: half a dozen dreadful hippies paying us far too much money to sit round in a barn getting their heads together, man. We found repeatedly telling them "You're all perfect in your own imperfect way, guy" worked best.

Funnily, the four-figure profit we turned also went some way to getting our heads together. I got myself an Austin Allegro.

posted by Alistair Coleman at 2:41 PM

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