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Friday, October 26, 2007

Best scam email, EVER


CHAIRMAN; United Nations Funds Clearance Authority (UNFCA).



This United Nations Funds Clearance Authority (UNFCA) hereby write to inform you that everything is officially SET towards ensuring the perfect remittance of your Approved Amount. Our utmost priority is to ensure maximum security of your Funds' Remittance and also to protect the movement of the Fund perfecting its movement successfully into your own Nominated Bank Account.

It has official come to our notice that wrong people are contacting you before Regards to this your Funds, We have Petitioned all the fraudulent and faceless Hoodlums that have been posing themselves with bogus impersonations and trying to extort money from you.

This United Nations Funds Clearance Authority (UNFCA). are presently in the CRUSADE of redeeming many people from several countris (expecially Americans) from the clutches of evil peoples, deceivers and Fraudsters that the devil is presently using to poison the joy of Honest men abroad. I wonder why people should be used by SATAN to defraud innocent gentlemen and confuse/ divert their contract payments at last. We have received so many petitioned in this United Nations Funds Clearance Authority (UNFCA) Office, to that effect and the Disciplinary Department of African Union Office are presently tracing the Hide-outs of the culprits.

We hereby Assure you that the favour of God have located your Payment Approved File and you shall NO MORE fall into the evil net of Fradulent people. If you are Christian, I want you to read this portion from the Holy Bible (Isaiah chapter 44 verse 25 and Book of Job chapter 5 verse 12). I tell you emphatically that this is the END of those evil doers, we must Apprehend and prosecute them accordingly. God will surely disappoint their evil desires because we have come to deliver you from their devilish hands. And, this United Nations Funds Clearance Authority (UNFCA) must also ensure that your Approved fund shall Reach your Bank Account within the Next three working days. Your constant communication is Important.

I want you to send your Full Details to thisUnited Nations Funds Clearance Authority (UNFCA) Via email You can also send all Your Contact and Banking information to this Office via email. Make sure to also send your Proof of Indentification which can either be your International Passport OR Drivers Licence as that will prove to this Office that we are dealing with the actual (PERSON) whose Name Appears clearly in our Payment Allocation File as the entitled bonafide beneficiary of The fund. Your Success is Assured. You are Advice to Stop Any Further Communication with any Office from Now.

Congratulations for your assured success as you comply earnestly with above officially stipulated directives.

Yours Faithfully,


CHAIRMAN; United Nations Funds Clearance Authority (UNFCA).

posted by Alistair Coleman at 10:22 AM

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