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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

"Qu'est-ce que c'est cette 'ecoutez et repetez' bollocks?"

Bonjour et welcome to M Le Canard Effrayant's explanation de la phrase "ecoutez et repetez".

Any child qui has learned la langue Francais has almost certainment been exposee a la package qui s'appelle "Longman's Audio Visual French".

Cette package de learning was utilisee en schools Anglais pour le teach of la langue Francais, and comprised d'un book tres boring featuring un homme called Yves Mornet and some other crapauds Francais.

Tous les lessons were on les cassettes audios, et les teachers could put on un tape and go off pour un crafty cigarette.

Every nouvelle French phrase was introduced with les words "Ecoutez et Repetez" (Listen and repeat), which were, by the end of three years, the only French words we knew.

A particularly skilled pupil was able to dit les mots "Ecoutez et Rrrrrrepetez" comme un complete French crapaud, and could possibly pass themselves off on les Champs Elysees, provided these were les only mots spoken.



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great eifel post.
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